Ghost (short film)

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Ghost by Dacre Motgomary

Phoenix Central Park


Projectionist and Designer




Projection & Design


Ghost is a one of a kind shortfilm filmed in an art piece in the vaults of Phoenix Central Park

In the year 2067 humankind has all but departed earth. A woman isolates on the new colony for the duration of her pregnancy. _____ Following the release of his popular poetry anthology DKMH, Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery has turned his focus to narrative filmmaking, creating his second short film in the evocative confines of the Phoenix. He writes "Phoenix seems to be the last bastion for art and artist alike. When I encountered the passerine's ovum, I saw it as opportunity to rise from ash. It was only fitting to landscape GHOST against this subterranean capsule". In this compelling reimagining of a room at Phoenix affectionately known as "The Egg", an underground concrete void usually home to exquisite artwork from Judith Neilson's collection, Dacre tells a story of entrapment, longing and ultimately hope. _____ ABOUT PHOENIX Phoenix Central Park is the singular vision of philanthropist Judith Neilson AM, well-known as the founder and owner of Sydney’s prized White Rabbit Gallery and its world renowned collection of contemporary Chinese art. A collection of one-of-a-kind performance spaces in Sydney, including the multi-award winning Phoenix Central Park building in Chippendale and a repurposed 19th-century Gothic church in Alexandria, Phoenix Cultural Park aims to revitalise inner-city neighbourhoods with new cultural beacons that are as bold on the outside as the performances they present within. As a private philanthropic initiative, Phoenix Central Park places artists at the centre of its vision and, unbeholden to others, promotes genuine artistic risk-taking, unique collaborations and a contemporary narrative.

Phoenix Central Park
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